Welcome to the art of André Ryan Gravador. This is my journey and would like to share my artwork with you.

My passion to create art is constantly moving. Find me on Instagram, @radgravy. Click the below images and I look forward to discussing my art with you, enjoy!

Live Model Male Sketches

Live Male Model Sketches

This sketch session was with the North Park Drawing Group.…

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30-Day Sketches, Khaleesi Cosplayer

30-Day Sketches | Khaleesi Cosplayer

This was a fun one. I found a random photo…

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30-Day Sketches at a Coffee Shop

30-Day Sketches | at a Coffee Shop

While at a local coffee shop today, I found the…

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Underpainting Studies, Woman Portrait

Underpainting Studies

Following my studies from my online sessions about the human…

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Torso Sketches and Blind Contour Drawing

Torso Sketches and Blind Contour

  The session this evening at the art studio (The…

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Nose and Eyes Sketches

Nose and Eyes Exercises

From the online courses, I continue to practice more eyes…

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Mom and Me Birthday Painting Session

Mom and Me Painting Session, The Waning Crescent

A birthday present from my mom, lol. This was our…

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Saz Baby Portrait Sketch

Portrait Sketch

I was inspired by my father-on-law taken from this photograph…

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Color Proportions Piece

Color Proportions Piece

This was a fun one, although I’ll have to admit,…

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Graphite sketches of eyes, noses, mouths.

Graphite Exercises for Eyes, Noses, and Mouths

Over the first three weeks into the online course (through…

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Grid Charcoal on Charcoal Paper

Grid Drawing, 4 Sections

This was incredibly challenging. The exercise this week was to…

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Nose Sketch

Nose Charcoal Sketch

The assignment for week: nose sketches. I chose vine charcoal…

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Skull Exercise 01-17-2019 001

Skull Exercises

One of the many hardest things to draw in general…

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Charcoal and Classical Bust

The Classical Shadows

This was from my first session at a nearby studio,…

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Classical Masters Study, Michelangelo

Charcoal Exercise with Michelangelo

What better way than to learn from a classical master,…

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Warmup Exercise 01-15-2019

Session Warmup Action

A warm up session, the first of the year. It’s…

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