About The Artist


While my mom was in the kitchen, she left me (a few months old at the time) in the living room for a quick minute. After a while there was this silence and she ran into the room! She found me finger painting on the living room walls… and not with any food or paint haha. It was just me and whatever was in my diaper…lol

I guess that a person can be born with gifts but I think that for many, we work hard at our talents and grow them over time. Even when I’m immersed in my profession as web professional, I often come back to what helps me express myself and be free. I’m inspired by other artists working in different mediums. There’s so much great work out there!

My artwork explores oils, acrylic paints, graphite, pastels, inks, and soon watercolor. My hope is that you’ll be there with me in some way.

Life can be whatever you make it, whatever you think it to be. It would manifest into something pretty cool, who knows. It’s like the Universe asking, “What’s up man?”

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